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For all your energy needs
Save & Generate provides you with a platform for sourcing the best sustainable energy solutions. The following 4-step process will help you navigate the maze of technologies and service providers.

Step 1:
Use save and generate to explore your energy options
Step 2:
Post a job and get quotes for services
Step 3:
Hire a service provider
Step 4:
Share your experiences, leave feedback and join discussion forum.

Home owners & businesses   Service Providers
Are you a home owner or own a business and are you looking at options for improving the energy efficiency of your premises or generating your own renewable energy? Then click on the link below to find out more about how to achieve this. You will be surprised at how simple changes to your home can help reduce the energy consumption and the cost of your energy bills.

Clean and renewable energy, not only reduces the bills, but it helps the entire planet and keeps it safe for future generations. Taking that small step will help and we must all start this in our homes.
  Are you a provider of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy microgeneration services? Then join the S&G community now to get instant access to job-postings from home owners and businesses from all across the UK. We are happy to help anyone promote energy efficient products as it helps our environment.

This initiative is not only about commercial gains or interest. We want those who really care for our world to go forward and make a change.

Featured Jobs   Featured Installers
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Solar water heater
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Solar PV
Renewable job in london
Wind turbine installation
Efficiency job in london
Water tank
Renewable job in london
Solar roof installation
Efficiency installer located in Birmingham

Renewable energies located in Southampton

Wind installer located in Southampton

Energy efficiency company located in London

Solar installer located in London

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Featured Technologies
Domestic-scale renewable energy types:
Air source heating
Biomass CHP
Biomass heating
Fuel cells
Ground source heating
Hydro-power (micro)
Pellet stoves
Solar heating
Solar photovoltaics
Wind (micro)
Larger scale technologies:
Anaerobic digestion
Biofuel heating
Biofuel power/CHP
Biomass heating
Biomass power/CHP
Energy from waste
Fuel cells
Gasification and pyrolysis
Geothermal energy
Heat pumps
Landfill gas
Sewage gas
Solar thermal
Solar thermal electric
Tidal energy
Wave energy
Wind - offshore
Wind - onshore